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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Are your looking for a great community and amazing opportunity to have fun get rich to buy a beautiful home and the shiny new sports car or sail the seas on a luxury yacht go no further join us We have an amazing staff here 24/7 to help you. The community has areas to put mods you would like. There is also around 30 jobs with great pay the server is realism at its finest with your help anything can be accomplished. DOJSRC is looking for new players who love rp as i do you can do any job no matter your age don’t forget to tell your friends. also, there are custom cars for police fire and civilian we also have boats, airplane, food, drinks, cigs, lots of types of snacks and sodas. you can visit bars, nightclubs, house party’s to get smashed with your friends even custom limos if you want to take the party on the road nothing better then getting wasted in a luxury Cadillac limo with all your buds. DOJSRC server is very stable with the best of everything such as traffic cameras to catch speeders in some spots of the city companies you can own and set your own wages for your employees you can also become a lawyer and get some friends out of tricky situations or become a judge and put those crooks and lawbreakers away the choice is yours now all we are missing is you join now and enjoy the life of the rich. opportunity awaits!!!


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